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Traffic and transportation


Monitoring the intelligence operations of Part 4 Freeway Tehran-North


Workshop supervision on traffic projects at level 9 of Tehran municipality   1
91/5000 Traffic studies to schedule intersections and optimize them based on the description of Tehran traffic services   2
Intersection study, mapping and traffic statistics of Tehran   3
Improvement of crossings and exchanges in Shiraz   4
Monitoring the intelligence operations of Part 4 Freeway Tehran-North   5

Message from CEO

Professional and social life of human is formed and built based on ration, including personal and plural wisdom, and at the time of failure and success the attitude that comes from ration leads to critical and determinative decisions. Today with the conditions that there is no economical justification to run consulting engineers companies, the belief of managers is on that rich environmental, human and financial resources of Iran shows a perspective of incredible potential and rapid development needs in the future if it comes with right and competent management. By this inherent belief, how consulting engineers could pass by this national, social and professional responsibility apathetically and ignore creative complexes which brighten the future of this beloved country? This consulting engineers company has a look at that future with the support of young educated human forces and cooperation of academic centers.

Pars chegalesh consulting engineers company started its activities in the field of engineering in 2005. This company is a multidisciplinary complex with wide range of engineering activities including: studying, planning, designing and supervising road, railway, traffic, transportation, building, surveying, financial services, environment and passive defense projects.
The policy of this company is based on utilizing engineering capabilities and providing high quality services to employers, improving safety level and personnel's health, paying attention to environmental needs, and meeting regulatory requirements based on standards of OHSAS18001:2008, HSE_MS, ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and realizing these goals as an integrated management system: 1- increase trust and satisfaction of employers 2- improve engineering services continuously by using organization's assets (human force, knowledge, experience and technology) 3- develop and promote engineering services rankings 4- provide value engineering in related projects 5- supply personnel's safety and develop work environment health system 6- identify and decrease environmental consequences of the projects toward realization of sustainable development.